PEI Electronic Sales – Manufacturer Lines Represented

You may also download our line list as an Adobe Acrobat PDF: PEI-Linecard 3-29-2023



  Aleph America
  O Reed Switches & Reed Relays
  O Opto infrared, proximity & liquid level sensors
  O Automotive sensors
  O Security contacts & sensors
  O Custom Assemblies

  Nidec – Copal Electronics
  O Trimmers & potentiometers
  O Switches – rotary encoded, DIP, slide, pushbutton, toggle, & rocker
  O Optical encoders, fans, pressure sensors

  Chrome LED

O  Circuit Board Indicator Lights

O  High Power LED’s

O  LED Displays

O  LED Lamps

O  Surface Mount LED’s

O  Surface Mount Displays

O  Capacitive Touch Displays

O  LED Strips

O Custom LED Assemblies

GEI Components

O  Transformers:  step-down, step-up, high frequency, ignition, laminated,  current sense toroid, planar & custom

O  SMD coils, chip, ferrite bead, line filter, and custom






KVG Quartz Crystal Tech.

O  Precision quartz crystals 

O  Precision crystal oscillators, TCXO, OCXO, VCXO, XO

O  Crystal filters



  O AC axial fans
  O Low power AC axial fans
  O AC backward curved impellers
  O DC fans
  O Fans & cooling accessories
  O Value added services



O  SIP, DIP, PGA, BGA, PLCC sockets

O  Board-to-Board interconnects & headers

O  Spring-loaded connectors

O  Application specific products

O  PCB pins & receptacles

O  Solder & wrapost terminals

O  SMT connectors & sockets

SGD Displays

SGD Goldentek Displays

O LCD displays & modules

O Character & graphic displays 

O TFT modules


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O  RJ11/RJ45 connectors – all products

O  RJ45 connectors with transformer

O  RJ11/RJ45 connectors without transformer

O  Surge protection magnetic connectors

O  Universal 10G RJ45 connectors

O  X-Smart RJ45/MicroSD connectors

O  Offset connectors 

O  Keystone connectors

O  RJ male plug/ adapter/ coupler