PEI Electronic Sales maintains a full staff of sales professionals to serve the needs  of the manufacturers we represent, the customers we serve, and the distributors we  work with to market our common product lines.

Here is a listing of all PEI personnel (known internally as “PEI-ers”!) and the geographic areas they support.  For information about a particular person, click their name. To send someone an e-mail, click their e-mail address.

Inside support for all PEI territories is Carolyn Giuliani  972-479-9777

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Dallas & Fort Worth, Texas 
John Hunter Partner, Field Sales (214) 704-7638
Linda Torjesen Partner, Field Sales (972) 355-9905
Cecil Cherico Field Sales (214) 679-2022
Carolyn Giuliani Inside Sales (972) 479-9777
Austin & San Antonio, Texas
Terry Warner Field Sales (214) 478-9102
Houston, Texas & Southern Louisiana
John Hunter Field Sales (214) 704-7638
Cecil Cherico Field Sales (214) 679-2022
Terry Warner Field Sales (214) 478-9102
Northern Louisiana
Linda Torjesen Field Sales (214) 355-9905